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About Therese

About Therese

Decor Designer

Therese is a full-service interior decorator who studied under some of the best in the business at the New York School of Interior Design.  Her passion for great design and her love of people led her to launch her business in 2006.

As a seasoned business woman, she is an expert at managing design projects and delivering gorgeous results.  Clients use phrases like “refreshing”, “so easy”, and “no surprises” to describe their experience working with Therese.  Most of her clients bring her in time and time again as they begin new projects in their home.

New Jersey may be home to many prominent national retailers, yet they cannot compete with Therese where it counts.

She offers a simple, reliable way to refine your home and preserve its value through:

• Long-term personal service conducted in

the comfort of your home

• Custom décor plans that reflect each client’s

unique personality and investment priorities

• Guided access to the full spectrum of décor

elements, including furniture, window and

floor coverings, lighting and accessories

After initial function and space assessments, Therese nurtures every design project to cultivate each clients’ vision into a space they love.  She helps clients save time and avoid the costly mistakes that confound do-it-yourselfers.  Therese is flexible and welcomes projects of all sizes, from single room makeovers to whole home or business renovations.


• Member: Hunterdon County Chamber of Commerce

• Member:  BWNICE (Business Women's Networking Incorporating Education and Charity)

• Design Certification from New York School of Interior Design

• MBA from Fordham University

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