Therese Bush-Hilgar is a dedicated DecorDesigner ® who is committed to creating beautiful interiors that will make you love the space you’re in! DecorDesigners ® take pride in their ability to truly listen to you and give you design options that meet your needs, wants and expectations.

Love the Space You're In

Folks from Jersey work hard and play hard - they want “comfort” to define their quality of life.


Our clients come to us for several reasons - to get the professional help they need to lay out their rooms to function better, or to relieve the pressure of making the wrong design choices.  They are busy and often just want to hand the decorating off totally to a professional that listens carefully and offers just the right look for their space.  We can work in so many ways; it’s all up to what the client needs and wants.



Pick a Package or Bundle Them Together

Decorating the

Virtual Way

Work hand in hand with one of our decorator’s without them having to step foot into your home. Please




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